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Sarah and Joseph Belknap

"Spooky Actions"
Panic Loudly / Erraticratic / Softly Quickly Speedily, 2017

LED lights, clay, marble


Sarah Belknap (b. 1983) and Joseph Belknap (b. 1979) are Chicago-based interdisciplinary artists and educators who received their MFAs from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working as a team since 2008, their art has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Columbus Museum of Art, The Arts Club of Chicago, the Chicago Artists’ Coalition, and Western Exhibitions and Comfort Station, as well as in artist-run exhibition spaces in Brooklyn, Detroit, Minneapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis. In addition, they have presented performances at institutions throughout Chicago, including the Chicago Cultural Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Links Hall, and the MCA.

About "Spooky Actions
Spooky Actions is an ode in three parts to the wonders and mys-teries of nature and the cosmos. In this work, we can imagine the birth of a rock; shining in polychromatic splendor, dripping with light, evoking the sublime and childlike marvel. These bulging sculptures protrude out from their display cases like they are alive and in movement, as if they could also be enlarged representations of particles moving in response to each other and their surroundings.

In fact, “spooky action at a distance” was what Albert Einstein called the phenomenon of two entangled particles communicating between each other and acting in relation to one an-other from considerable arbitrary distances. Sarah and Joseph Belknap’s otherworldly visual imagery is informed by amazing peculiarities such as this, an inspiration that lends itself to mate-rial experimentation and playful assemblage. Spooky Actions continues this path of making, offering the viewer an enigmatic science fiction, which like any good science fiction departs from humanity’s amazement when confronted with the idiosyncrasies and wonders the universe holds.

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