Scavenger Hunt Clues

Fashion Outlets of Chicago Scavenger Hunt

  1. Kick off your retail adventure at this global fashion house, founded in 1941. In this store on Level 2,  you’ll find accessories made of leather in many colors, textures, and patterns. This brand is known for collaborations with Jennifer Lopez, Disney, and many more!
  2. Located on Level 1, this American popular brand of clothing is known for its “blue” jeans. This denim brand started as an invention for the American worker.
  3. Located on Level 2, this iconic German-based brand is known for their luxurious ski-wear. From bright colors, to shiny shades, they are known across the world for amplifying the winter season. Even Taylor Swift sported their infamous red catsuit on the 2020 Variety Magazine cover.
  4. On Level 2, you will find luxury shoes, boots, sandals, pumps, and accessories. If you are looking for high black boots, this is your store! This American shoe company has designed shoes for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.
  5. You cannot miss their signature check (plaid) pattern. This UK brand store carries scarves, hats, sandals, shoes, shirts, and dresses made from this signature print. This store is near a snack kiosk that sells warm twisted treats, located on Level 2.
  6. You can find this store on Level 1. Here, you will find a happy pink whale and American lifestyle apparel for the entire family! 
  7. This store has a very distinct logo of a man on a pony playing a sport. You can find this American luxury brand on Level 2. This brand shares the same name with one of the most fundamental articles of clothing in menswear today.
  8. They say the key to the heart is through the stomach. We say it’s through our iconic Food Court, located on Level 1. Experience top-notch cuisine from a variety of backgrounds and cultures! Take a selfie with your favorite restaurant in the background!
  9. Artwork is scattered throughout the center, part of THE COLLECTION: Where Art Meets Fashion. Find this red and blue piece- you will see a floating fixture that casts mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling shadows! Take a photo of yourself standing next to it.
  10. This spot, on Level 1, is the information hub of Fashion Outlets of Chicago! Here, you can find out where a specific store is, drop off shopping bags and luggage for hands free shopping, area information, and more. Take a selfie here with a team member and get a free Saving Pass, worth up to $800 in savings, for participating in our Scavenger Hunt! (please be patient if they are assisting another shopper).