THE COLLECTION: Where Art Meets Fashion, is a multifaceted contemporary art program at Fashion Outlets of Chicago. THE COLLECTION features 19 site-specific commissions and recently welcomed Derrick Adams’ largest commission. The monumental mural and lighting installation is located on the exterior of the grand entrance. Adams’ seven-story mural is titled Fashion Show, inspired by Adams’ acclaimed Patrick Kelly series and the bold and colorful geometric forms that make up Kelly’s clothing patterns. Adams’ accompanying lighting installation, titled Fashion Accessories, illuminates the canopy of the grand entrance walkway. Adams’ work joins an interactive commission by Chad Kouri as well as a rotating exhibition featuring work by 2018 Olympic costume designer Dr. Keysook Geum on view inside the shopping center. For more information, text “art” to 847.957.4000 or visit WHERE ART MEETS FASHION THE COLLECTION Dr. Keysook Geum Artwork: Neon Dress Pink Brown Dress Nirvana in Red