Assaf Evron

Visual Pyramid (after Alberti), 2017

Framed pigment print, plywood, epoxy paint, decorative flakes, Epoxy, MDF

Assaf Evron’s work investigates the nature of vision. By applying photographic thinking to a variety of two and three-dimensional objects, Evron explores the ways in which vision reflects and informs perception.

In Visual Pyramid (after Alberti), Evron pays homage to the renaissance thinker and architect Leon Batista Alberti, his articulation of linear perspective and its influence on contemporary popular culture. This installation consists of an infrared, monochromatic, archival inkjet print framed and mounted on granite-like panels and an organic sculptural object. While Evron closely relies on technology to create this installation, the viewer may detect that several of the objects have been carefully painted and manipulated. Juxtaposed to these carefully handcrafted objects, Evron's framed photographic image was created using the X-Box Kinect, the popular video-gaming device. This device projects infrared beams of light into architecture to render space and objects. Evron captures the effects of these projections with an infrared camera, invisible to the naked eye. The digital artifacts of the camera produce a textile-weaving pattern. The outcome is a radiant purple surface and the flattening of objects and space into the patterning of the projection. Evron invites the viewer to engage with the multiple patterns presented in this installation.  


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