Matthew Hoffman

You Are Beautiful, 2017

MDF, Diabond, paint
84 x 96 x 48 inches


Artist and designer Matthew Hoffman uses succinct aphoristic texts to create positive, immediate reminders for the viewer. Combining unique, playful fonts and large-scale colorful sculpture, the artist has created a commissioned work for  Fashion Outlets of Chicago. Sourced from Hoffman’s ongoing project You Are Beautiful, where he continually inserts those three words into the world - through public installations, billboards, objects and over 4 million stickers - this work continues his positive message while serving as an interactive backdrop for Fashion Outlets of Chicago’s diverse community of visitors. The message is produced in English as one continuous cursive gesture, taking the form of an archway. It is then repeated in Mandarin across the face of the sculpture’s base. One is encouraged to pose for photographs in front of this singular work. 

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