Nnenna Okore

Bodily Beings, 2017

Handmade paper, dye, yarn, burlap, string lights

Nnenna Okore’s work explores the world of schisms, earthiness and abstraction. Her processes are adapted or inspired by traditional women’s practice, the African environment, third-world economies and recycled waste.

Okore’s installations employ synthetic, organic and fibrous materials from her surroundings. In Bodily Beings, she explores the material burlap due to its reducible and de-constructible properties. In this work, the materials dance and cascade delicately through space, bearing traces of vines, roots, veins and shriveled skin. Biomorphic and ethereal formations reveal alluring entanglements of grace and flow. At its core, Okore’s works reflect the transient and innate qualities of life and death. In Bodily Beings, she seeks to heighten our perception and appreciation for colors, textures, undulating contours, movements and the mystic occurrences within our ethereal world.


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