Rotating Exhibitions

THE COLLECTION presents rotating exhibitions featuring work by a variety of artists throughout the year. Display cases showcasing the work of THE COLLECTION’s rotating exhibition artists can be found throughout the shopping center. More information on the artists featured in THE COLLECTION’s current and past rotating exhibition can be found below.  

Current Exhibitions

June 2020-January 2021

  • Yvette MayorgaTiers to America, 2017; Stilettos After I made America Sweet Again, 2017; Teddy Bear Left Behind, 2017
  • Susan GilesMaquette of A Large Reference Corral, Literally Like a Counter, That Went around the Center and in the Center There Were Librarians: Reference Corral (Carolyn), 2018
  • Mie KongoWithout Within – Untitled, 2019

Curated by DePaul Art Museum


Past Exhibitions

September 2019-March 2020

Paula Froehle - GriefPaula Froehle - Grief

Jill King - Weathered ShellJill King - Weathered Shell

Katrin Schnabl in collaboration with Anne Guitteau - I Won't Go AwayKatrin Schnabl in collaboration with Anne Guitteau - I Won't Go Away

Curated by Evanston Art Center


"Moving in Color"
February-September 2019

Keysook Geum

Nirvana in Red IV Nirvana in Red IV

Enlightenment III Enlightenment III

Nightingale Nightingale

Curated by Andrew Bae Gallery 


Edra Soto Edra Soto


"Time Warp"
March-August 2018

Line of Sight | Space for Reflection artwork Robert Chase Heishman - Line of Sight | Space for Reflection

The Drip is Wireless artwork Annie Kielman - The Drip is Wireless

Dancing Start, Out of Reach artwork Ben Marcus - Dancing Star, Out of Reach

Curated by LVL3 


"Spooky Actions"
October 2017-January 2018

Sarah and Joseph Belknap

 Panic Loudly artwork - Panic Loudly

 Erraticratic artwork - Erraticratic 

 Softly Quickly Speedily artwork - Softly Quickly Speedily

Curated by Sharmyn Cruz Rivera


November 2016-February 2017

Gusts in the Hothouse artwork Aimée Beaubien

White Sands artwork Kate McQuillen

To Be Crystal Clear artwork Jeroen Nelemans

Curated by Anna Cerniglia of Johalla Projects


"Beyond Surface"
March-June 2017

Visual Pyramid (after Alberti) artwork Assaf Evron - Visual Pyramid (after Alberti)

Bodily Beings artwork Nnenna Okore - Bodily Beings

Catty Cat artwork Leonard Suryajaya - Catty Cat

Curated by Cortney Lederer of CNL Art Consulting

"School of the Art Institute of Chicago Student Competition"
June-October 2017

Do You Wanna Play With Me? artwork Shaly Guo - Do You Wanna Play With Me?

Tropes of Resilience artwork Nick Mahshie - Tropes of Resilience 

Metamorphospace artwork Alexia Roach - Metamorphospace