Past Exhibitions

 "Spooky Actions"
October 2017 - January 2018

Sarah and Joseph Belknap

 - Panic Loudly

 - Erraticratic 

 - Softly Quickly Speedily

Curated by Sharmyn Cruz Rivera


November 2016 - February 2017

Aimée Beaubien's artwork Aimée Beaubien

Kate McQuillen's artwork Kate McQuillen

Jeroen Nelemans's artwork Jeroen Nelemans

Curated by Anna Cerniglia of Johalla Projects

"Beyond Surface"
March - June 2017

Assaf Evron - Visual Pyramid (after Alberti) Assaf Evron - Visual Pyramid (after Alberti)

Nnenna Okore - Bodily Beings Nnenna Okore - Bodily Beings

Leonard Suryajaya - Catty Cat Leonard Suryajaya - Catty Cat

Curated by Cortney Lederer of CNL Art Consulting


"School of the Art Institute of Chicago Student Competition"
June - October 2017


 Shaly Guo - Do You Wanna Play With Me? Shaly Guo - Do You Wanna Play With Me?

 Nick Mahshie - Tropes of Resilience  Nick Mahshie - Tropes of Resilience 

 Alexia Roach - Metamorphospace Alexia Roach - Metamorphospace


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