Permanent Commissions

THE COLLECTION is home to 22 permanent commissions located throughout the common areas of the shopping center. Artists and works include: 


the mural Candida Alvarez - zip me up, 2022

Daniel Arsham - Big Drip / Falling Figure / Falling Time, 2013

Circle Spiral (Relax Your Gaze) artworkBhakti Baxter - Circle Spiral (Relax Your Gaze), 2013

Rakes and Snakes artworkJim Drain - Rakes and Snakes, 2013

Rainbow Wash artworkFriendsWithYou - Rainbow Wash, 2013

You Are Beautiful artworkMatthew Hoffman - You Are Beautiful, 2017

Big Sur Drawing 07 (Ceiling) / I'm Still Here (Contemplation Station) artworkCody Hudson - Big Sur Drawing 07 (Ceiling) / I'm Still Here (Contemplation Station), 2013

Landscape Study artworkAlvaro Ilizarbe - Landscape Study, 2013

Mobi artworkSung Jang - Mobi, 2017

Out of Line artworkKenton Parker - Out of Line, 2013

Never Forget Where artworkBert Rodriguez - Never Forget Where, 2013

A Grand Love Story (analog love in a digital age) artworkCarlos Rolón/Dzine - A Grand Love Story (analog love in a digital age), 2016

Drippy / Wormhole artworkJen Stark - Drippy / Wormhole, 2013

Derrick Adams - Fashion Show, 2018Derrick Adams - Fashion Show, 2018

Bhakti Baxter - Circle Spiral (Relax Your Gaze), 2013Chad KouriArt for All, 2018

Anila Quayyum Agha - Shimmering Mirage (Red), Descent into Light, 2020Anila Quayyum AghaShimmering Mirage (Red), Descent into Light, 2020

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